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It has been said that in order to avoid a predicament the petitioners offered to name the new town Alexandria, in honor of Philip's family. Never before in history have people been able to access and communicate with each other instantaneously and from other sides of the world. Map includes the names of property owners at that time. Information and guidance can be accessed here.

Contrabands worked for the Union army in various support roles. They intended to conduct trade into the interior of America, and they required a trading center near the head of navigation on the Potomac. Therefore, they were labeled contrabands to avoid returning them to their masters. Many local tobacco planters, however, wanted a new town further up Hunting Creek, away from nonproductive fields along the river. The name Belhaven was used in official lotteries to raise money for a Church and Market House, but it was never approved by the legislature and fell out of favor in the mids.

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Fort Ellsworth is visible on the hill in the center background. Alexandria became a major supply depot and transport and hospital center for the Union army. This newly enfranchised constituency provided the support necessary to elect the first black Alexandrians to the City Council and the Virginia Legislature. Alexandria's slave trade made Virginia a more pro-slavery state after retrocession. This ability of instant communication has completely revolutionized the world, how we communicate, how media works, how corporations handle business, even politics.

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Jackson, the hotel's proprietor. Government in to help form the new District of Columbia. Failure to do so resulted in incidents including the arrest of ministers in their church. The best location was Hunting Creek tobacco warehouse, since the deep water could easily accommodate sailing ships.

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One of Ellsworth's soldiers immediately killed Jackson. While descending from the roof, Ellsworth was shot dead by Captain James W.

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Over time, a movement grew to separate Alexandria from the District of Columbia. After all slaves in the seceding states were liberated, even more African Americans came to Alexandria. Alexandria remained under military occupation until the end of the war. Safely behind Union lines, the cities of Alexandria and Washington offered comparative freedom and employment.