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Dating oil rig workers, think pink how did one colour come to mean so much

Hannah Pool

So after a few messages were exchanged I suddenly remembered Facebook voice messaging. He brainwashed me and yet I am an educated woman. Hopefully, with all the coverage here and other sites, a lot of scammers have gone away, or we can hope they have.

In a way, now I want to mess with him and string him along. If you get involved in a scheme, you could lose money or personal information and get in legal trouble. You need to hear the harsh truth.

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See that s what the app is perfect for

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Facebook Dating Scam/ Oil Rig Engineer

  • Things are looking up, it just takes time.
  • Says he is working in Scotland as an engineer in ships.
  • He photo shopped the profile pic he uses on fb page onto another oil riggers workers photo.
  • He just told me there was a problem with his money due to a fraudulent check.

His pretend daughter even sends emails and when questioned about his legitimacy- he gets very mean and aggravated. There are so many job listings online. He responded all women have jewelry and I told him my ex-husband took all my jewelry. He wanted me to buy steam cards. Wont be getting money from his company and will need money from you until his comes through.

Facebook Dating Scam/ Oil Rig Engineer

Think pink How did one colour come to mean so much

Then enough money to get a chopper out of the rig. If you tell someone your bank account number they can take money out of your account. This guy is a looker, long distance dating games well the photos he is using anyway. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Met on Words with Friends. On rig in western Canada ocean. He said he was a petroleum engineer lives in Houston but currently in the gulf offshore. Is it possible to get a job as an oil rig worker without formal training? If anyone needs photos or phone numbers I have them.

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Can be Tough But Very Rewarding
Dating oil rig workers

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If anyone has a very unusual situation I'd love to speak with you or email. My heart breaks while my mind punches him in the face. He was going to wire money into it when he got off the rig.

You can call the company and they must tell you if theres a accident first. He got angry with me when I told him I didnt believe him. Oh boy its a good thing I can write off time as research expense. He targets elderly women and soon convinces them he is in love with them and will marry them. They all want to marry you.

If on any other dating site only talk to local men in your area. If you are involved in the online dating scene and considering trying to court a Filipina girl friend then you should read this before you proceed. Simply click here to return to Dating Scam. Get in touch with friends, family members or acquaintances who are oil rig workers. Go online to large job search sites like Monster, CareerBuilder and Indeed to find current listings for oil rig workers.

Scammed me for a lot of money. He requested a leave from Chevron. If you notice only one pic or this person escalates his emotions quickly - even before meeting!

Stories from an oil rig Free Dating Singles and Personals

Online Dating Scams

My guy's name was Cedric Chapman. He was a very sweet talker. He would not send any pictures of the Ocean or the rig, or the view out of his cabin window.

But, I am happily married and would have sent him on his was if he had been legit. Best wishes to you for a happy conclusion. The Drill broke and Needs money for food. Being a female in a male-dominated workforce makes for being a subject of endless fascination.

To setup a personal checking account in your name? It wastes their time and I know it stops them from scamming someone else while I have them in my grips! So, I fully expect a money request at that point. The more I found out, the more confused I become. Telling me I'll send it back to you the next day.

Professed to be a christian. He will ask you to send money to a person in Arizona named Gail Flint so be very aware. He would marry me and take care of me. You should be able to prove to employers that you have interest in the petroleum industry and that you are willing to do the work needed to be a valuable employee.

Faking it scammers tricks to steal your heart and money

  1. If photos where real i do not know.
  2. Phone mysteriously breaks down.
  3. Says works for Shell oil co.
  4. Things could have been a whole lot worse, all I wanted was to fall in love and be loved.
  5. An oil rig is a manned platform used for land or off-shore drilling.
  6. You really don't want to know who the handsome man in the photos is.

He then told me to look online for loans. He did not ask me for money over the four days. He couldn't do a video call because the internet is shotty or he was tired.

After that, he kept asking for more money. He started to message me and when I didn't respond right away he kept sending me messages. What is fascinating is how the experience of women in industry reflects the broader expectations of and attitude towards women in our society. The police have come over and talked to her and she still thinks this man is real.

Will ask for iTunes gift card or Bitcoin and on the rig he will have problems with equipment and workers needing money so he can complete the contract. Petroleum engineer on a rig in the gulf. Sometimes you would have one other girl on site, but almost never more than one. Said he was new on Facebook. Be careful ladies I enjoy playing with them as well.

Similar story as the rest. The traditional norm of men as the breadwinners and women as the homemakers in our society has definitely been challenged, dating online but what does the alternative look like? And he would come back to Poland and give him the medicine so he wouldn't die from infection. There are few jobs and too many people. Then chances are he's a scammer.

How do I become an oil rig worker if I don't have any qualifications but I'm in good physical and mental strength? Is madly in love with me and wants to get married. Get a life outside of the internet. He asks for iTunes cars, for smart phones and to create a banking account in the victims names. Now no longer on face book?

I work on an oil rig with 150 men. You wouldn t believe the stories
Hannah Pool

Do not let him do that to you. So, when I got the engineer, I thought I'd have some fun. The description sounds the same, but he's calling himself Eric. So I am seeking to find if this name ha ever come up and r there other ways to search to find out if he is a scam artist. Working as an engineer for Ekofisk Oil Field.

They sometimes steal other's identity, though. Never heard of it before this. He goes back to get a loan on my car and thought odd, questions to ask why doesn't he mention his own car?

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