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Dating godalming angling

Community activities at the church extended to the running of a great many clubs which included a youth club with its own premises in Fern Road. In the early years, and as with any new building, there were teething problems and St John's was no exception. The tour finished by sampling Hampton Naturally Reared Produce in the form of Hampton Herby Sausages and a mug of fresh coffee at Myrtle's Courtyard our community centre.

Phillips had sang in the choir at the church as a boy. Gun mounts were also installed to protect both Boxhill and Deepdene bridges and several pillboxes were installed. The air is heavy with a seductively honeyed smell, which to some noses has an undercurrent of marmalade. Coppicing may look drastic but is essential for much of our best-loved woodland wildlife which may be threatened with extinction if this is not continued. Mandeville, did an immense trade on the day of the execution, which has never been equalled.

The canoe is preserved at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The North Downs Way long distance footpath also winds through the estate.

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Margaret Fisher is buried in the old cemetery in Nightingale Road. In the trailer behind, smiling girls were pulling down the heavy green vines that had clambered up strings attached to the system of wires overhead. Meadrow, being the main thoroughfare from Godalming to Guildford, was once well served with pubs and beer houses. It was at this time that the course of Farncombe Hill was changed. The road here became established as an important route for vehicles once it had been upgraded in to a metalled surface.

We were very fortunate they wanted to make a very large film, Scott is known for that. The plan for Domino Pizzas to take up a retail unit in a new application was rejected May as the council felt there was no need for additional fast food outlets in the village.

The results of the community's efforts are on display as a mosaic in the entrance hall of the Church and cover everything from sketches and paintings to photographs and ceramic tiles. When St John's was built, everyone had a place, the squire in the chief seat, the clergy high and lifted up, the choir on display for all to see. At Boxhill Farm, where access to the river from the north bank was required for the herd of dairy cows, a row of twelve concrete cylinders were cast as an anti-tank measure. For the last hundred years the focal element in the committee spirit has been the parish church. Today some of the original pub windows still remain.

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So coppice cycles, with some cut each year, must be maintained to ensure continuity of open space. This large barn was listed on Rocque's Map of Surrey and was one of many in the county that were originally built to store corn. We were very involved, it was too interesting not to be involved. The whole lower hall needs gutting really. Hillside House was set in substantial grounds, which were built over in the s when the house was demolished to make way for two new housing developments.