Dating a Peavey Delta Blues

Dating a peavey amp

The approximate value is alsoAmplifiers are listed

Dating a Peavey Delta Blues

Amplifiers are listed in alphabetical order. Examine the back of your Peavey amplifier. Match your amp model and serial number to find the year. The approximate value is also supplied, depending on the amplifier's condition. The serial number of an acoustic is located on the label inside the sound hole of the guitar.

Bring your amplifier to a local appraiser. Write down the model name and color. Send an email inquiring about the age of your amplifier. Contact a guitar and amplifier appraiser to find out specific details, such as the age and value of your amplifier.

Read the amplifier technical specifications to assist you in dating your amplifier. Include the model name, color and serial number.

Examine the backMatch your amp model and serial