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Fortunately, a friend of his introduced him to the cuckold lifestyle and explained to him that odd feeling that he is having. This is something I was never able to do. He had a very big dick to be fair and I was starting to get very turned on by him watching us. Finding a bull is one of the most common problems that cuckold couples usually face.

So I carried on banging her relentlessly, I could see the man in the dark outside the window on Philipa side of the car, he was stroking his dick. Omg Mark, hes got his dick out she said in a whispered tone, at this point I was still fucking her on all fours. The area was very rural and we drove around looking for somewhere secluded to pull over.

The cuckold and the hot wife will be the ones who will most likely be looking for the bull. We had a wonder around the town for the afternoon until it was time to get ready for dinner. He also took pictures of her to show his golfing buddies.

She said that the other guys were able to make her cum easy and some were able to screw again after they rested for a few minutes. They were able to do something about the problem, my friend understood the whole idea and agreed to do it for the sake of the marriage and the welfare of his husband. But I was so turned on and wanted to make her happy.

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Everything seems to be working well between her and her husband when she begun to notice the difficulty on the part of his husband to be passionate with her when they make love. But where, where was gonna cum, with that he let a loud moan and pulled philippas head onto his dick.

It was so wet it was unreal, ot slid in so nicely, I was fucking her so hard, she was moaning and panting. She told me she always loved me and she enjoyed our time together. Love that she wears her anklet, it adds authenticity her activities.

The next thing she did really shocked me. She said that if I would have been good in bed she most likely would have never looked elsewhere. She told me that the other guys she was with had more staying power and were better equiped to hit the areas that stimutated her. Anyway I asked her point blank to tell me about our sex life, I asked her to be honest and not hold anything back.

She sucked his dick furiously, the man begain to moan a lot more, I could sense he was about to cum! She said the look on one girls fave was priceless as she saw her arrive with me, smootch with him then we all left arm in arm afterwards Mindy being the centre of attention. Ontop of that she pulled over a very slim fitting black dress which came to around her mid thigh, she finished this off with a pair of high heels. Something that would have normally made me quite worried!

As usual things has been going really well with us, sex was great we have had some kinky sessions. She let out a moan and seemed quite turned on. But it was hot knowing she was enjoying watching him stroke his big dick.

The time came to make our way back to the hotel. We had aways remained friends and I knew if we had a chance to talk she would be able to enlighten me our my situation. He was clearly pumping her mouth with his hot cum! Anyway, that's how I became and remain a cuck and I also have some pictures of her. We had a nice hotel booked with a four poster bed etc.

We talked a lot during this time because I knew something was up but she would never admit to it. Nothing too crazy, she is still very much the girl next door type, we did have sex outside once against a tree which was so hot!

First off I knew she had been with several of my friends while we were dating, we dated around alot in those days and there was alot of playing going on. She was getting wetter and wetter it was fantastic. He even took pictures of him penatrating her. She also told me she swallowed for him everytime unless she was getting him hard to screw her. Although I have had thoughts about her being with someone else, it was a pure fantasy, is more that I would just like to see her enjoying herself and I love watching her being sexy.

Fortunately, by using the internet, these cuckold wives will be able to find lots of potential bulls that they can invite to come over. That is what most people think about cuckold husbands who are unable to verbalize or admit the problem that they are having. Even though I did not understand my situation at the time of our relationship she had cuckolded me the entire time beginning even while we were dating. After all, if a husband really cares about his marriage to his wife and if he really values his wife as he is expected to, alicia keyes dating he would not allow anything like what the cuckold lifestyle demands. Until he found out that it is actually a normal thing and it is an accepted lifestyle which is called cuckolding.

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And so, she started to suspect that his husband is having an affair with another woman. She was really enjoying herself.

Philippa was groaning as the cum must have been going down her throat, she then pulled back and turned to me, I was still inside her, my dick was about to explode! She was screwing a co-worker almost everyday. She was reluctant to talk about it at first but became more open as our conversation progressed. It was taking a while to find somehwhere but eventually we found a car park for a local scenic walk which was deserted at that time of night.

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She would try to do all she can to satisfy his husband but it seems like there was nothing she can do about it. It was then I was taken by surprise, she said maybe we should stop off somewhere and do it in the car!

As we were in the car Philippa was getting more and more kinky. Then philippa noticed him to.

Hi, I had a chance a few days ago to chat with my ex-wife, first time in years. It would appear as if they are having extramarital affairs because of their lack in interest and passion in making love with their own wife. My ex-wife told me that the girls often talked among themselves about who had done who and which one was better. And that is to see his own wife being banged by another man. She said that her sexual satisfaction during our dating peroid and marrage came from other guys.

It is hard to understand but it will actually be very understandable if one only takes the time to understand the nature of a cuckold husband and what actually runs in their mind. We quickly got along again. However, that is definitely not the case. She said look, there is a man at the window, it was the next thing she said that made me spring to attention! Her co-worker was a lot older and a dominant guy, he had her doing as he wished when he wished.