Christian Dating Rules, Guidelines, and Etiquette to Abide By

Christianity dating rules

We are all humans and are all vulnerable. The best way to avoid being tempted in this area is to avoid meeting at place where you both will be alone. For example, in the United States, dating is a very common practice, however, in countries like India, Pakistan, the Arab countries, etc. Therefore honor God with your body. In the Song of Solomon, the desire to be physically close and intimate is inevitable and even beautiful.

My wife loves the Lord, and I can say with all certainty I wouldn't be following Jesus without her. In fact live-in relationships are so widely accepted that the covenant of marriage is no longer considered important before a man and woman unite.

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Many good intentions have been forgotten because the temptation and opportunity were too great. It involves sharing personal struggles and vulnerability. Have a List of Values and Don't Compromise Them If you have no idea what values are important to you in a future spouse, exit the road to marriage at the next off-ramp. Don't sit someone down on the first date and interview them to make sure they meet all of the qualities.

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This article provides three foundational Christian dating tips or rules that will help take decisions while considering dating. There will be days when life is crashing down, your faith is wavering, and the only thing left will be your spouse.

You can only give unconditional love, if Jesus has flooded your heart with love. As many mediums as there are, God works through them all. Imagine the two of you trying to draw water from a well, thinking the other is filling the well, only to find that each time the bucket comes up, it's empty. Christian dating in some regions is openly allowed for singles who are praying for a life partner.

It means dating someone who meets the values and goals you have for a future spouse more on that later. These are just three of the foundational Christian dating rules. So I am starting the conversation. Honor God in your relationship and He will honor you and your spouse. Christians should only date other Christians.

We are intentional beings. Don't give up your values for a date. That is certainly not what is being prescribed here.

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Either way, it continues to be admirable, worthy and godly to go about your single life with just as much devotion and involvement in discipleship as if you were with a potential partner. This is exactly what happens in a marriage tying two people of different beliefs, different principles. The brokenness you see in yourself and the brokenness you experience from your spouse point both of you to the only perfect one, God. That would be awesome, but it's not always realistic. He knows that most guys do not want to marry a girl who has been intimate with someone else.

If you need to take a minute to let that sink in, I will be here when you get back. By avoiding secluded places, one can actually block any room for temptation to take over. You might get into a relationship with someone who loves Jesus, meets the values you have in a future spouse and is compatible with you. If you are a Christian, there is no reason to date without a trajectory towards marriage. This is friendship that starts off between a man and a woman as a shared collection of interests, invitations to community and fellowship events or through discipleships.

Look, marriage isn't as much about finding someone totally compatible as it is about committing to someone despite difficulties and differences. But once you get into the relationship, you realize things aren't as they seemed.

Dating with a trajectory towards marriage doesn't mean you only date one person ever. Here, Christian singles can turn to Scripture, once again, for an idea of how to navigate through modern dating.

However, it's up to us to choose to be squeezed into the world's mold. Allow Jesus to fill you with His everlasting love. You either leave unsatisfied or you take something that isn't yours. Thus, it's important to have the right focus while entering dating. This principle is closely related to the first one and is just as important in friendships as in dating.

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Christian Dating Rules, Guidelines, and Etiquette to Abide By