Brucio nel vento online dating

Brucio nel vento online dating

Now ten years later hisScreenplay written by Doriana Leondeff

Now ten years later, his hope in life now is to find Line, an ideal woman lost in his imagination. Born in Eastern Europe, Tobias grew up in poverty, the son of a thief, beggar and prostitute. His dreams seemingly become shattered as Caroline is married and has a daughter.

Here in his Swiss townDay in day out theOne night Tobias knifes his father

Screenplay written by Doriana Leondeff and Silvio Soldini. One night, Tobias knifes his father in the back, and escape to Switzerland. Here, in his Swiss town, he catches a bus to work, closing his eyes but realizing the horror of his existence. Day in, day out, the same routine is repeated. For ten years, Tobias has worked in a clock factory and in the relentless sound of ticking, he sees life go by without much expectation.

For ten years Tobias