Understanding the Difference Between Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder

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When a person with bipolar disorder is not in a manic or depressive episode, they demonstrate stability that the borderline personality does not show. Become a Mighty contributor here. She finds herself plagued with memories, anxiety and intense emotional reactions to seemingly innocuous daily events. Psychotherapy is usually helpful as well to aid the person in managing complications in his life that stem from the episodes of illness.

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This overidealization and later strong devaluation are well-recognized phenomena in borderline-ness. But evidence for benefit is greater for mood stabilizers than antidepressants. There is a difficulty with how the individual perceives others. With a commitment to long-term treatment, positive and healthy change is within reach. It focuses on behaviors, and may not be sufficient treatment for feelings.

When I am alone, I become nobody and nothing. It is possible to learn how to manage feelings better and find ways to have healthier and more rewarding relationships.

Treatment There are good treatments for both conditions. She has trouble believing me when I say certain things and her brain tells her I lie, but she works hard to have a voice against her own inner demons.

Well, until recently, this was the big problem. Even if you were initially treated with psychotherapy, ideally it would be noticed that you were not improving fully, and might need medication treatment as well. However, these are mostly based on single study effect estimates. Antidepressants are not the best class of medications for borderline personality disorder.

There is no medication that successfully treats the condition, although they may help reduce some specific symptoms, such as intense anxiety. They made me feel like my relationship was doomed to fail. Bipolar disorder can be treated with medication, most often with lithium, which helps stabilize mood. In particular, one must be careful not to raise hopes of possible symptom-free life if there is some diagnostic uncertainty about bipolarity versus borderline-ness.

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The borderline person demonstrates more reactivity to relatively minor events and demonstrates contradictory emotions that erupt over a short time. In fact, a more thorough assessment might show that these patients actually suffer from a personality disorder.

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Differentiating Borderline Personality Disorder from Bipolar Disorder

Worse yet, people with borderline-ness are prone to idealizing their doctors and therapists. But both can be seen in bipolar disorder, too. When they are in relationships they get very intensely involved way too quickly.

But you would still need some help with feelings of abandonment and emptiness and the problems with relationships that come up when you have those feelings. Each is a serious illness, and those suffering need to seek out the proper treatment. Call for a Free Confidential Assessment. Unless you had a really rigid psychiatrist or mental health system, you could then try to get a psychotherapy to address these. Finding a psychiatrist at all can be difficult.

These are less common in bipolar disorder, where grandiosity and inflated self-esteem are common, especially during mood episodes. In addition to that, I find myself overwhelmed, annoying my family and exhausted after a simple eight-hour shift.

Health Matters spoke with Dr. As you can see, overall my recommendation is that you avoid getting too stuck on a diagnostic label. It comes from a combination of an emotionally charged temperament and the lack of a solid sense of self. Good psychiatric management is based on a case management model that combines a focus on the environment of the patient, psychoeducation, supportive therapy, and possibly family therapy.

These things have made me feel like I was unable to be loved. Evidence-based models of psychotherapy are the treatment of choice.