Beards are intimidatingly

Beards are intimidatingly

Number two is that it will stop you shaving, which is one of the leading reasons why guys develop rashes and other skin conditions. Some scientist tell me how beards are basically velcro. Number three is that you will avoid the pain of shaving with acne.

Men find men with beards more masculine That same study found that men consider men with heavy stubble or higher as being more masculine than clean-shaven men. Suddenly, he grows a beard and wins an oscar and is back at the top of the pile. The coins will come a-rollin. Luciano Pavarotti went from a small time singer playing local venues. If its barely anything then it wouldn't change my opinion but I like clean shaven.

Maybe One study found that beards might have more bacteria than a toilet seat. Beards are often associated with testosterone levels.

Free Money Just wear your shittyNeanderthal men had beards and

You are putting effort into looking less manly. Growing a beard will help you on a number of levels.

Women seem to adore beards

And wear a flannel shirt whilst doing it. They acted as a layer of protection from the harsh outside world and wilderness. In my psych class we learned that when a woman is most fertile she is more attracted to slightly more masculine men while at other times she is attracted to less masculine men. Obviously none of what I said applies to all men and women. Grow a beard Beards are incredibly well received on social media.

Your beard is never as fresh as it is straight out of the shower. As we are all genetically predisposed to wanting to appear as masculine and dominant as possible, this is only a good thing when you are sporting a beard. Any of you gents on tinder will know that your beard will almost always come up in conversation. Women are also in tuned to this.

Which is why men would find second sexual characteristics of other men intimidating beards. Oh, dropped some pizza crust in there. The whole hipster thing has allowed people to get away with wearing dickie-bows and extremely nerdy looking shirts and look good.

Men with clean-shaven faces automatically seem more beta than alpha We will allow Christian Bale demonstrate. Over time, we have lost some of this, and yet we still have the ability to grow a huge ass beard.

Grow a beard The same study found that big healthy moustaches are very good at catching the pollen that triggers hay fever. Women seem to adore beards Which is really fantastic news if you are a bearded man who likes women. Neanderthal men had beards, and wore them for many reasons. Free Money Just wear your shitty old clothes, have a sit on the pavement and put out an empty coffee cup.

If you love beardy people, do you. If you are a person with a beard and you love it, rock it.

The world is a big place and not everyone is Team Clean Shaven. Number one is that it will cover the acne over, and although it may be irritable for a time, if you treat your beard with beard balm and moisturise your skin, that will subside. Check out the hashtag beard or BeardLife on instagram.

The Beard seems to give you a strange power that will improve your life Ben Affleck was a C-List actor who was going nowhere when he had no beard. Come on, just take that selfie and see the followers flock. The main reason for them looking good is the beard they meticulously craft. When Steve Jobs set up Apple and it nearly failed, he was beardless. You can follow the author, Aliee Chan, on Twitter.

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