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The information contained on these shop cards is very helpful in interpreting bell markings. The authors have seen a variety of trumpet bell numbers in this stamping arrangement, both with and without the bore-size digits. Bell Brass Codes This marking arrangement includes two-digit numerical codes located within the company name see figure above. One of these bells is shown in the following figure.

More and more information came to be located there, sometimes by exception. The need to accommodate an expanding business accounted for what seemed to be too many brass choices.

This is revealed by noticing that U. Even without considering manufacturing differences, the old ones play and feel different because they are different. These hybrid bells require three numbers after the word Model, e. For example, bronze bells were made from thicker metal.

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Special codes were entered in some categories, most notably, the one for brass used in the bell. The last two digits indicating bore sizes eventually were dropped from the bells.

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Most of the earliest shop cards contain only the serial number of the instrument and codes referencing its bell and mouthpipe. Stamping bell numbers after the word Model created the erroneous impression that these numbers are model numbers. In many cases, the last two digits of the bore size are appended to the bell number with a hyphen.

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Readers will observe that they are stamped in the same position as the bell number identifiers on the Faciebat Anno bells. The authors believe that they were dropped in favor of putting letters on the second valve casings, e. At first there appeared to be too many codes.

Because of their interest in the older Bach instruments, the authors are continuing to research them. One important set of records is the collection of shop cards that describe various aspects of the instruments he produced. Not all of these categories were filled in for every instrument.

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The authors were surprised, for example, to find that the older New York Bachs are lighter instruments than modern ones. When Bach ordered brass for his bells, museus brasileiros online dating he did not order it using any of the various sets of gauge numbers in use at the time.

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There is another interesting point. This information is contained in recently found documents and on occasional shop cards as well. Access to their data was essential to understanding the markings on New York bells.

As for instruments in other keys, the bell number stampings follow the same general ideas as those of the Bb instruments, although the bell numbers are very different. It indicates that the instrument was a special lightweight trumpet.

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Postal Zone Marking There was one other addition to the bells that should be mentioned in this section. Trombones, for example, had a set. That is, deviations from standards were sometimes stamped on the second valve casing.

More to the point, even Bach took some time to get bore sizes, mouthpipes and bell flares matched like he wanted them. Bach's decision to stamp the bell numbers in this position created something of a problem that persists even today. The Company Name The company name, Vincent Bach Corporation, remained in the same position as on bells with other marking arrangements. The categories include serial number, model, bore size, valve model, bell and mouthpipe. Information about a particular instrument usually can be found on the shop card that corresponds to the serial number of the instrument.

Some readers may want to skip ahead to the summary of this section as the material between here and there may require some patience to understand. The documents show that the codes make up Bach's own system of artificial gauge numbers. Additionally, since this paper leaves some loose ends, the authors would appreciate being contacted regarding any data that might expand on the subjects addressed. It is not illustrated in this article. If any reader of this article, however, has an old Bach trumpet or cornet that should be considered for display and discussion in an article, the authors would like to hear about it.

When the first version of this article was written, the authors believed that they had evidence indicating that these codes identify brass alloys. The reason for concentrating on this topic is that the codes identify characteristics that differentiate how the instruments play.

The latter have Elkhart bells on them. The codes represent the thickness of the brass used to make the bells. While the elegance of this arrangement is appealing, the information it provides is scant.

The authors have only begun to scratch the surface in determining what some of them mean. It turned out that sets of codes were associated with instruments of different types and keys. This apparent inconsistency confounded the authors until a document was found that provided indications that this is what happened. This raises a question about the correspondence between numerical and production sequences.