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The anxious wait for the date to miss the periods always disappoints. But I still had to wait to check if it was in the right place and not in the tube. Her needles and yoga helped me physically, her belief and confidence helped me mentally and her smile helped me spiritually. One person whom I really wanted to thank when I first heard the heartbeat of the fetus was Dr Sneha.

And it is not just asthma that Shamsher treats. Delhi is the highly polluted city in India and thus a large portion of population is getting affected with serious respiratory illness. The results said everything was fine.

Though the concept of acupuncture sounded exciting I was skeptical about its results. While acupuncture provides quick relief from pain in the joints, oral homeopathic medicines work by correcting the inner damage to the joints. You can read the doctors review and other information on doctor and can book an appointment with the best asthma treatment in Bangalore. She asked us to try naturally. Apart from her treatment she also has an aura of positivity that inspires you to have faith.

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You can read theThough the concept of acupuncture soundedWhile acupuncture provides quick reliefThe treatment varies from

Under this approach, doctors advice not just a single line of treatment, but a combination of therapies. The changing weather in the city in the last few weeks is pushing the demand for multi-therapy. The treatment varies from patient to patient.

Though respiratory disease is exaggerated due to pollution, but pollution is not the sole reason for respiratory illness sometimes the reason may be genetic. In the second month my husband and I both went for the treatment.

Under this approach doctors advice notThe changing weather in the city