Use Weight Releasers for a Better Bench

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Because the triceps come more into play in the lockout portion. Dumbbell lateral raises are an example of this. This defines how much force is being applied to a muscle. The reps started at nine down and decreased to four with the weight being heaviest after six workouts.

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Sample Bar Weight Cycle No. If the weight is too light at your chest, you may need to back off on the releaser or accommodating resistance and shift more to the bar weight.

When resistance is low, strength is higher. This should be done once per three-week cycle. You will use your normal percentages and accommodating resistance for dynamic effort work. Bands make the leg press an exceptionally productive exercise because if the band tension is tweaked up correctly, it'll start kicking in right where the resistance curve would normally descend. So add bands to it, increase the resistance through the movement, and get a similar affect as you would with the pullover machine.

Stiff-Legged Deadlift or Romanian Deadlift Try dumbbell stiff-legged deadlifts with bands around your neck. My normal weight for dynamic effort was around at the time the video was taken. Titan Fitness has taken all of the great features Rogue is known for and packages them in a less glamorous worse powder-coating, fewer holes, fewer welds and less expensive package. Also, there needs to be tension in the bottom for this to work.

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You do this for a close grip, then a medium grip, and then a wide grip. Close-Grip Bench Press This is a great triceps developer, but it can be improved with the use of chains. Each single will be with the grip used for the following three dynamic effort sets.

You'll feel the least strong in this area because this is where the joints are at the their greatest disadvantage in relation to the load being applied to them. When resistance is high, strength is lower. Dip Bands around your neck will naturally bend you forwards and cause the pecs to get into a very deep stretch.

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That is how my remaining pairs of weight releasers are being stored right now because they have been forgotten. We use bands almost exclusively, but chains would be a good feeder cycle before the addition of bands.