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However, in order to remind Yama never to try to kill someone while they are worshiping Shiva again, the icon of Shiva in this temple is depicted with his forefinger raised in warning. To this day, Abhirami Bhattar is still celebrated at Thirukadaiyur on the new moon day in the Tamil month of Tai mid-January to mid-February.

One day, King Saraboji visited the temple as Subramanian was meditating on the glories of Abhirami. Standing at the pyre, with the flames rising all around him, Subramanian realized that only the Divine Mother could save him now. Like other Shiva temples of Tamil Nadu, the priests belong to the Shaivaite community, a Brahmin sub-caste. Markandeya was blessed by Shiva to remain sixteen years old eternally.

He asked one of the devotees in the temple who this man was that refused to recognize him. Varu neela mada mathar vizhi yenna malar vaavi, Valar thiru kadavooril vaazhvaamishubha nemi, pugazh nami, siva sami magizh vami, Abhiramiumaye. At this temple, towards the beginning of the sixteenth century, there lived a staunch devotee of the goddess Abhirami named Subramanian. Ramachander This great prayer has been written by Abhirama Bhattar who lived in Thirukadayur.

Why is it mother that your husband is wandering like this? Varum navaluraar yamil paravum iniya pugazhValar thiru kadavooril vaazhvaamishubha nemi, pugazh nami, siva sami magizh vami, Xmmanumaye.

Abirami amman pathigam

Therefore, he asked Subramanian whether today was a full moon day or a new moon day. Shiva, feeling compassionate for the earth-goddess, released Yama, allowing death to occur again.

Thirukkadaiyur derives its name from the pot, called Gatam in Tamil. After some time, the king's army awakened Subramanian and ordered him to come with them to be executed for his madness. Specially Siddhar Korakkar visited this temple and got the blessings of the goddess.

As per legends, Shiva is believed to have destroyed eight different demons namely Andakasuran, Gajasuran, Jalandasuran, Thirupuradhi, Kaman, Arjunan, Dakshan and Taaragasuran. People wanting to know more pahtigam Abhirama Bhattar are requested to refer to my introduction to the translation of Abhirami Andathi. He loved the goddess so much that he saw her everywhere and in everyone, but especially in all women. Throwing her earring into the sky, it took the form of the full moon.

However, another priest of the temple overheard this and corrected the man, saying that Subramanian was truly a saint and a great devotee of Mother Abhirami. Meanwhile, with Yama being rendered inactive, there were no deaths on earth, but people were still being born. The king, having realized his mistake and immensely pleased by his devotion, released Subramanian. The temple also maintains a separate shrine for Markandeya worshipping Kalasamhara Murti.

Abirami amman pathigam

Madras Times Printing and Pub. Shiva in all these temples are described to have used bow and arrow, trident and spear. Newer Post Older Post Home. Ganesha, hurt and offended at the unintentional slight by the devas, stole the pot of Amrita and hid it at Tirukkadaiyur. Yama refused to listen and threw the noose anyway, kannadasan sad songs binding Markandeya and the Lingam together.

Angered by Yama's extraordinary arrogance, Shiva kicked him and held him under his foot, making Yama inactive. Yennikkai illatha thunbangal men melum yerittu orukka antho, Yevvidham ulam sakithu uyguven? Any woman that entered the temple he would offer flowers to, worshiping her as the living embodiment of the goddess. The king, confused by the two conflicting accounds of who this man was, decided to put Subramanian to the test.

All Siddhas visited this temple. One priest told the king that Subramanian was mad, worshiping all women as the Divine Mother and showering them with flowers.

Abirami Andhadhi Lyrics Kalayatha KalviyumAbirami Andhadhi Lyrics Kalayatha Kalviyum

Markandeya sought refuge in the temple and embraced the Siva Lingam. The temple priests perform the pooja rituals during festivals and on a daily basis. The temple has numerous shrines, with those of Amirthaghateswarar and Abhirami being the most prominent. The king, deciding that Subramanian must be mad, ordered that he be burnt at dusk if the moon failed to appear. As Markandeya grew, so did his devotion to Shiva.

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There is a separate shrine dedicated to Abhirami. Based on the legend of Markandeya, it is believed that worshipping at this temple will give longevity to couples who have reached age sixty or eighty-one. Is it difficult for you to completely solve the problems of this poor one, When you can create and look after several worlds in a second and not take an hour.

It is also believed that Abhirami incarnated here by the power of Vishnu. Seeing that Subramanian did not bow before him as he entered the temple, the king became irritated.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As per popular legend, near the temple of Tirukkadaiyur, there lived a sage named Mrikandu and his wife Marudmati. The Shakta saint Abhirami Pattar is believed to have rendered the Abhirami Anthathi in the front hall of the shrine. Asuras Rakshasas Yakshas Vahanas. Although Thirukadaiyur is a Shaiva temple, it contains an old Vaishnava temple.

Abirami Andhadhi Lyrics Kalayatha Kalviyum

At that time, Subramanian was still absorbed in meditation on the Divine Mother, seeing her shining face in his mind. As advised by his father, Markandeya worshipped the Shiva Lingam at Tirukkadaiyur, even bringing water from the Ganges to the temple via an underground passage. But his major work in Abhirami Andathiwhich also I have translated and put in the web site. Shiva appeared and warned Yama not to touch Markandeya, as he was under his protection.

Amritaghateswarar-Abirami Temple Thirukkadaiyur

Abirami Andhadhi Lyrics Kalayatha Kalviyum