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But I do want to move on with someone else. She complains of home sickness and is noticably much, much happier after her parents call, so I would not be surprised if she returns to China after her studies. She has made friends in her time here, but they don't compare to the friends she has in China. It's not mainly about physical appearance but more of what my ex would think of me. Well Its the impression you give me, your just not over your ex.

What I meant was going out with a fob would show my ex that I've degraded myself. Though not born in Australia, I've been raised here since a baby and the Australian way of life is the only life I know.

Her family are in China and so are her close friends. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone splitting the chinese into these two categories because it's a form of racism, but I've started to date someone which has brought up this issue. Something I've noticed is that she prefers it when I make the decisions as to where we go and what we do, and she's just happy to go with the flow.

Her family are inWhat I meant was going out

My ex knows shes pretty so when she finds out who i'm dating, she'll feel better that I couldn't find a girl better than her. So which is why I'll feel that way. Why don't you just pay someone to do it, rather than put a poor soul through more pain because you aren't even serious with being with her in the first place. As you can probably tell, we've been brought up in different environments but we have both fallen for each other and have been in a relationship for a few weeks now.

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